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the fda drug safety and risk-management advisor recommit the voted to tighten restrictions for prescribing these combination drugs, you don't have to follow their recommendation but i'm trying to figure out whether or not you will. i hope you do. emergency room visits involving hydro co don't rose from 38,000 in 2004 to 115,000 in 2010. these drugs are often taken in combination with other drugs and/or alcohol, the most popular being called the holy trinity, combination of hydro cogon with a sedative and muscle relaxant. the current schedule for reclassification for hydro could don't project a false sense among some patients and doctors that they are less potent or less habit forming and less dangerous than paco own painkillers, prescriptions for reschedule can't be called in. you need to see a doctor to get a new prescription after 90 days, no automatic refill. as a result, almost every painkiller is considered a schedule 2 drug for carefully regulated. the most abused narcotics, hydro code known, is missing from that list. we have made -- i am wondering when you will decide this issue an
, but how about potato chips and jelly beans? that's why the fda is sounding the alarm. >>> and pray or play? a tense face-off tonight in the south. if a billion-dollar nfl stadium goes up, it means some historic churches have to come down. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams." >> good evening. we don't get to see them or know their names, and most americans actually prefer not to spend a whole lot of time thinking about the men who have been rounded up as enemy combatants and imprisoned at guantanamo bay in cuba. we think of them when they become an issue like when candidate obama vowed to close the facility, and tonight those prisoners are back in the news because 100 of them are a hunger strike, apparently preparing to take their own lives and do it slowly under heavy guard at guantanamo bay. some of them are being force fed now, and now the president is facing some tough questions about what to do. our chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell, watching it all from our d.c. newsroo
, as of today, all fda commissioners are serving expired terms. >> there are two infamous presence in the western u.s., one is the yuma territorial prison. the other one is alcatraz. there is something in our culture, our consciousness about what it would have been like to be in a prison like this. the yuma territorial prison was considered to be a model and humane institution in its day. this is the solitary confinement cell. any major infraction, talking to a guard, not giving your respect , if theythorities could not deal with you, the dark cell could. of all treatments, this is the place did not want to come. you did not have a latrine, you can read and water once a day, occasional and there would be more than one person in here. dear one prison breakout there were 12 people in here. butave no proof of this there is folklore that said that a mean guard -- you would see something coming down the air shaft like a scorpion. that has not been documented. territorial prison has been home to about 1200 individuals. ond out more on sunday ."merican history tv chriswe are back with cho
the fda regulations and it is a role for government. i don't want food company to produce poison and sell it asy baby food. look on a personal level. i have a six year old daughter and i don't feel comfortable that she could weigh something like this without the approval of me and my wife. >> on the other hand, there are so many that government is getting in our life andip am sympathetic to what john is saying. >> i love john, but i have never known anybody who had teenagers and survived the experience and still appear libitarian. >> that is a great point. >> when states, we have experimented with drinking age 18 versus 21. when it is 21, you have fewer traffic fatalities and there are a explosion of unaattended consequence fist we give tacit permission to 15 years old to go out and have sex any time theyment. >> in this instance the government has a role to play. i have two daughters and this hits at home for me. this is not just a medical issue. it is about sex and conception and minors and so many issues at play. i don't like the judges and burrcrats to stand between parents and childr
teen daughter. the fda has approved the morning after pill for girls 15 and older without a prescription. you'll soon be able to buy the plan b one step emergency contraception pill over the counter and off the shelf as long as you're 15 years old. it's available for girls 17 and older and kept behind the counters. customers will need to present proof of anal. age. the fda wanted to make it available to all women regardless of age but health and human services secretary overruled her own agency's recommendation and instituted the 17-year-old minimum age requirement. tuesday's decision applies specifically to the plan b one step pill and not to two other drugs made in the u.s. the fda approved it in 1999. >>> we're certainly working for you and want to know exactly what you think about this. new regulations related to the morning after pill. head to our facebook fan page and weigh in. >>> it was a long cold night in seattle. when it was all said and done, that's pretty much all the oz. need right there. dddddd >>> six months ago all we could talk about is the devastat
especially for children. now with yet another new product that boasts a jolt of caffeine, the fda says it is time to take a closer look. our report tonight from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: for years, the concern has been the effect of those highly caffeinated energy drinks on kids and teenagers. now food manufacturers are adding caffeine to a whole range of products including candy, jelly beans, potato chips, even gum. wrigley's new alert energy gum advertises the right energy right now. 40 mill igrams per piece. the fda says all this caffeine adds up to a big concern. >> what does this mean for children, adolescents and adults who might have vulnerabilities to excessive caffeine? we need to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: up until now energy drinks have been the biggest concern. the fda has been looking into nearly 100 reports of illnesses, hospitalizations, even deaths, but says it hasn't yet found a definite link to the drinks. still, some states are considering banning their sale to anyone under 18. and the american academy of pediatrics recommends very little for chil
from fda headquarters in silver spring, maryland. we're having a little bit of difficulty getting that report from danielle. let me tell you that the fda's ruling applies only to plan b one-step and not to generic versions. >>> police in the district's trinidad neighborhood are looking for the gunman who shot two people this morning. the two victims were found near trinidad avenue northeast. one of the victims is in the hospital listed in serious condition. the other victim was shot in the leg. >>> jurors have started deliberations in the case against the man charged with beating a capitol hill man last summer and leaving him for dead. 22-year-old tommy branch is being tried for beating and robbing 29-year-old thomas maslin. he was attacked last summer while walking home from a nationals game. branch is accused of hitting maslin in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. maslin suffered severe brain injury. two other men are also charged in that beating. another frustrating morning commute for people on metro. crowded platforms, crowded trains and delays up to 45 minutes. delia go
administration -- reel talk kerr. the f.d.a. is lowering the age limit for buyers from 17 to 15. that comes from a federal court judge mandating the fda let any girl or woman have access to the emergency control sep shin without a prescription -- this all dates back to 2011 when the fda was ready to lift all age limits but then health and human service cis kathleen sebelius decided girls as young as 11 should not be able to buy it on their own even though they're old enough to bear children. so the fda set the age group at 17. a women's group stood -- sued to get the age limits dropped. today f.d.a. announced 15-year-old could buy the pill. >> there's not a ton of evidence that really connects the availability of the morning-after pill with increase sexual activity among teenagers or anything like that. >> generally i'm for the morning-after pill but i do think 15 is a little young definitely because then they'll fall back on that all the time. >> i know girls my age i'm a senior in college who use condoms and birth control and the condoms break and they need that pill. >> the app -- option of t
karnow. thank you, sir. >>> the faa is taking the closer -- fda is taking a closer look at dog food. whether there's cause for concern and the best way to make sure your pet food is safe and healthy. >> good girl. down. down. >> she's frisky and playful. but wasn't last week . >> she had diarrhea and just was not feeling right. >> kpix editor cathy mcdonald began feeding roxie beneful. found hundreds of dog owners reporting vomiting and diarrhea to kidney failure. >> the fda is looking into the complaints but san francisco veterinarian points out pets get sick for many reasons. simply changing their food can make them sick. so can parasites. but in many cases, the food is to blame and becoming more common. >> so frustrated. because every time i turn around there is another recall. >> there have been hundreds of recalls this year alone. beneful hasn't been recalled and no evidence of product issue but how can you ensure what you are feeding your pet is safe? suggests buying from smaller pet food stores where owners met the products they sell. >> we do a lot of research. all they are
rules for the morning-after pill. what may lead the fda to lift all age restrictions. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, market is lower on more evie of a slowing u.s. economy. >>> the stock market is lower on more evidence of a slowing u.s. economy. a live look at the big board right now. you can see the dow is down 115 points. >>> a new report shows u.s. factory activity last month dropped to its slowest pace this year. this comes just a day after the s&p 500 closed at a record high of more than 1500 points. >>> soon, girls as young as 15 will be allowed to buy the morning-after pill without a prescription. it's a major policy change by the food and drug administration. in today's healthwatch, danielle nottingham explains why the age restriction may be dropped altogether. >> reporter: children as young as 15 will soon be able to buy plan b drugs over the counter. until now you had to be 17 to buy the morning-after pill. now all you need is identification showing you're 15. groups like the family research council say young girls should not be making these decisions without their doct
of myths that make it worse. >> the fda issues new requirements about the morning after pill. why parents of daughters as young as 15 need to know about these new rules. i love these shoes. but when they start hurting, i have to take them off. until i found dr. scholl's for her. they support and cushion my feet all day. this is happiness - happy feet. so, i've got energy and style all day. dr. scholl's for her . for heels and flats. i'm a believer. >>> parents the fda has made a decision that you would care about. >> agencies now lowered the age equipment for the morning after pill or also known as plan b to 15 years or older. >> a lot of parents wonder how -- >> over the counter in a few months you'll be able to find it on drugstore shelves next to condoms. the packaging will include a product code. the fda approved the morning after pill for girls 15 and older without a prescription. you'll still did able to buy the pill over the could could counter and off the shelve as young as 15 years old. customers will need to present proof of age to buy it. it comes in the middle of a legal fight
approved by the f.d.a., but legal and political controversy has swirled ever since. in 2011 the f.d.a. decided the drug should be available to all girls and women, without prescription. in an unprecedented action, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius quickly overruled the agency, keeping the age limit at 17 and older. last month, a federal judge ordered that restriction lifted in a strong rebuke to the administration. then on tuesday, the f.d.a. set a new age limit 15 and older for the most popular version of the pill, known as "plan b one step." and last night, the department of justice said it will fight the federal judge's broader decision that the drug should be available to all girls and women. julie rovner of n.p.r. is here to help sort it all out. and i hope you will, because it's complicated. welcome back. >> thank you. >> brown: first the latest decision from the department of justice, appealing the ruling by the judge. why? what are they saying? >> well, this is more of a process appeal not so much a substance appeal. they're saying the judge overstepped his
, the fda gave the green light on universal access to plan b. there is adequate and reasonable well-supported and science-based evidence that plan b one step is safe and effective and should be approved for nonprescription use for all females of child-bearing potential. but immediately after this, health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius overruled the fda, saying that the pill should only be available over the counter to women 17 and older. her boss, seemed to agree with the decision. >> the reason kathleen made this decision, was she could not be confident that a 10-year-old or an 11-year-old going to a drug store, should be able, alongside bubblegum or batteries, be able to buy a medication that potentially if not used properly, could end up having an adverse effect. >> that wasn't the end of the fight. last month a federal judge in new york rebuked the white house and ordered the fda to make plan b available over the counter to women of all ages. women's health groups found themselves in a weird and unfamiliar land, calling foul on the obama administration, while pr
. this after health and services secretary kathleen sebelius, hadn't been done before overruled an fda recommendation to do just that, make it available over the counter. they had until sunday and on tuesday it announced it would be lowering the age limit from 17 to 15 and making the pills available over the counter in drugstores but left wide open the question whether or not the administration would be appealing the april ruling or carrying out the judge's orders to make it available to all. yesterday we found out when the justice department announced it would be appealing arguing the court's ruling undermines the regulatory procedures governing fda's drug approval process. it's an interesting situation considering that is precisely what the obama administration itself is accused of doing. president obama also seemed to lose sight of that fact today when he said this. >> my suspicion is that the fda may now be called upon to make further decisions about whether there's sufficient scientific evidence for girls young ir than 15. that's the fda's decision to make. that's secretary sebeli
for your help. >> thank you very much. gerri: the fda says it's almost powerless to protect us from dangerous drugs produced from what they call compounding pharmacies. we talked about this. this may change soon. a new bipartisan senate bill gives the food and drug administration control over certain compounding pharmacies. here to weigh in, grace marie turner, thanks for coming in. its great to have you here, and just to remind people, late last year, 50 people died, 700 people were made sick by drugs that came out of one of these compounding pharmacies. it was a huge scandal, and now, today, congress coingup with legislation, it's only getting started to fix this problem. do you think congress is going far enough with the proposal on the table? >> i do because they are particularly targeting these large manufacturing facilities, but are really masker raiding the pharmacies. they are legitimate pharmacies that take a medication to fit it to a prescription from a doctor. somebody's alermingic to a ingredient or need another form, but what this facility in massachusetts had done was
manufacturing facilities that are not regulated now by the fda, and as yo say, the states don't have the manpower to really regulate or do oversight, the fda recently went to 30 of the facilities, and it found problems in many of them. peop with torn gloves, cean rooms that were not really clean. when you go to an fda regulating facility, they are amazing, these sterile environments, and these people, because they call themselves "compounders," get around this and are not regulated by the fda and states don't have the sources to do is, so the fda needs resoues to add this to its list of pharmacies they look at. gerri: i'm not in favor of the federal government expanding, buyou have regulate facilities. fifty people died in depth because of this, 700 people fighting this still in some cases. another phak here to explain to the viewers what the problems are here. 22 state boards of pharmacies do not keep any historical inspection records, so not only do they have no inspectors, they don't keep records, and you don't have to have a license, really, to do this, so it, you know, the lack
is available to anyone. the fda then says we are going to bring that from 17 back under 15, where it was where he was interfered from. the obama administration said that is what we wanted. we will keep the fda rule at 15 and are you following a. >> we are going to appeal the federal judge who said the rule is that zero. >> if that were to stand, and you could make the argument that any female of any age could go ahead and get desperate is that right? >> yes, you could, that would be awful, because of what this drug can do to alternate the body of a young girl. a young girl couldn't possibly understand the instructions, both legal and medical that come with the job. the judge made a good point. neil: parents aren't even given access to this choice, is that the way the law will be? >> our home state among them, new jersey, they will challenge us and say, wait a second, we have been legislating for the morality of the people that live in our state. what is that come from? the constitution. >> with this is that while the land? >> if the federal courts side with the fda, there will be many state ch
for women. the fda has lowered the age limit for plan b. >> so now girls 15 and older can get this emergency contraceptive without a prescription. and the product will no longer be kept behind the pharmacy counter. jim rosenfield in tinley town with reaction. >> and wendy and jim, this issue surrounding age limits on access to the so-called morning after pill has been in the courts for years. tonight, in lowering those limits, the fda has changed course. citing new studies that show 15-year-olds are able to take the drug responsibly. >> at glen echo pharmacy in bethesda, you'll still find plan b behind the pharmacists counter because until this latest fda decision, anyone under 17 needed a prescription. >> but now girls as young as 15 will be able to buy the single dose pill over the counter as a way to prevent pregnancy if they take it within three days after sex. the change in regulation we found getting mixed reaction tonight. >> i think it's very smart. and i -- i mean, let's face it. 15-year-olds are having sex. >> i really don't think it's a good idea because i think that in today's so
another phone. >>> parents the fda has made a decision you need to know about. the agency has lowered the age requirement for the morning after pill to girls 15 years old and older. abc2 news health reporter linda so is here with details. >> the maker of plan b says it will begin selling the pill over the counter in a few months. you'll be able to find it next to condoms and other women's health products. the packaging will include a product code that will prompt the cashier to provide proof of age. on tuesday the fda approved the morning after pill for girls 15 and older without a prescription. right now it's available to girls 17 and older and kept behind counters. customers will need to present proof of age to buy it. it comes in the middle of a legal fight over morning after pills. the fda wanted to make it available to all women regardless of age but health and human services supervisor instituted that 17-year-old minimum age requirement. last month a federal judge in brooklyn ordered the fda to make the morning after pill available to all women. the fda says its decision was not
to sof our favorite snack foods. b the f-d-a may soon kick bac need a caffeine fix? well, there's coffee - - >>> when we consider caffeine as a drug and its benefits and problems, i would liken that almost to alcohol. if somebody has one glass of wine a day we know it has health benefits. wine isn't put into many products. >> but increasingly caffeine. from potato chips to jelly beans, even cracker jacks. one bay area expert questions the effort. >> caffeine has been studied. we know wait does pretty well. >> this doctor warns how effective the fda's plan will be in a culture that's already a wash in cola and frappuchinnos. unlike alcohol in healthy adults, calf teen has no long- term health effects. >> makes for more mental alertness. we understand that. >> they warn that too much calf teen can be dangerous for -- caffeine can be dangerous. >> nearly 80% of children consume caffeine on a regular basis. the fda approved the use of cola in the 1950s. we'll be right back. ,, female narrator: for over 60,000 california female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of s
a concern. >> reporter: the fda is concerned about drug resistant bacteria dangerous to humans and animals and is rolling out a three-year program to reduce the amount of antibiotics in animal feed. meanwhile, to ensure the ground turkey you and your family eat is safe, experts recommend cooking it within a few days of buying it, storing it at 40 degrees or cooler or freezing it. cook ground turkey to at least 165 degrees. always wash your hands and counter tops and consider buying organic or nonantibiotic turkey which consumer reports says contained far less antibiotic-resistant bacteria. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >>> when we come back here tonight, why one of the great names in rock and roll won't buy an ipod. >>> it was ten years ago today, an event known forever for two problematic words. on the deck of the aircraft carrier "abraham lincoln" off san diego, a day the bush white house would regret, the banner behind the president read "mission accomplished." it was not. the iraq war dragged on and changed shape for years to come. president bush started that day in a flight suit
-the- counter two girls 15 and older without a prescription. the fda. the fda approved lowering the age from 17 to 15. it applies to plan be one step. fda says it does not have to be behind the counter. it can be put on drug store shelves. customers have to verify their age before purchasing the emergency contraceptive. the question is whether it settled a federal district court order to end all age restrictions. >> baltimore county wants to make sure you're up to date on rabies vaccinations. the county will offer rabies shots to dogs, cats, strays. vaccinations are eight dollars for each animal. pets must be 12 weeks old. for more information on the clinics and locations, you can go to our website, click on news. >> preakness is used to tight races. tight security will play a big role. >> we are starting to see the boston marathon bombings will change things. has more on a news conference that the president at the maryland jockey club gig today. he unveiled a brand-new list of things you cannot bring in here. what you should pack his patients. patience. minutes after the boston mar
a federal judge ruled the fda must make the drug available to anyone regardless of age. there's still no final decision in that case. >> plan b does not end a pregnancy. it prevents ovulation if taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. they have to change packaging to meet the new fda requirements. that's expected to take a few months. >> the fda's ruling applies only to plan b one step and not to any generic version. >>> the maryland department of natural resources is reminder boaters permits are now required for large gatherings on the water. it's to be sure everyone is safe on the water. it costs $100 to apply and get one of the permits. >>> talk about a picture perfect day this noon. the sunshine has returned. the rain clouds have moved on out. it's feeling pretty fantastic outside. we have complete first warning weather coverage with marty in the out back and meteorologist chelsea ingram in the first warning weather center. nice work, guys. good afternoon, chelsea. >> good afternoon. a beautiful day on tap for us. this nice weather just might stk around. temperatures are
finished up 106 points while the nasdaq gained almost 28. >>> the fda is investigating whether foods with added caffeine are safe. it comes as wrigley debuted a caffeinated product called alert energy gum. the fda is already looking at energy drinks and shots. the only time the fda explicitly gave permission to add caffeine was in the 1950s for sodas. >>> a prototype spacecraft that would ferry tourists into space passed a key test. virgin galactic spaceship 2 had a successful rocket fired flight after being released from the carrier aircraft over the desert. founder richard branson was thrilled. >> it couldn't have gone more smoothly. we just talked to the pilots. they were thinking of saying screw everybody we're going into space. >> virgin galactic plans to reach space by the end of the year. already more than 500 space tourists put a deposit down on the $200,000 ticket price. >> why not? it's just 200,000, right? >> i got my ticket. >> ashley morrison in new york. thank you. >>> straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather and in sports, tebow's time is up in the big apple. find
the folks over at the f.d.a. now i never trusted these clowns. who are they to tell me how many flintstone vitamins i can eat? i say it's a great breakfast cereal. because it already contains so much calcium, i can use soda instead of milk. nation, today they proved that f.d.a. really stands for the fornication distribution agenda. >> the morning-after pill is moving over the counter. the f.d.a. announcing that plan-b, as it is called, will be available to children as young as 15 years old and no prescription needed. >> stephen: so they're handing out hussy pills to 15-year-old girls like chicklets but i still need to show my passport and provide a dna sample to buy some damned sudafed. how am i supposed to make my meth? for more on this scandal we turn to america's foremost experts on young women's reproductive health, conservative men in their 60s. >> this is the president's value judgment that he and his government and his administration can bring about sexual freedom without biological consequence. >> because a 15-year-old girl gets to get one of these every other week? it's encouragin
everest, who started the fight? >>> well, the fda bursts caffeinated gum's bubble. the government worried. >>> jurors weigh the fate of the philadelphia abortion doctor, accused in the deaths of several babies. of several babies. eyewitness,,,, [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day. not our best idea. [ dog barking ] george stop it. stop. ooh. it was a nice thought. [ male announcer ] some business decisions are better than others. the best decision is switching to verizon. you're good to go. that was fast. thank you. [ male announcer ] choose verizon fios and get 100% fiber optic fast internet and business class phone both with 99.9% network reliability on an unparalleled fiber network. you'll get consistently fast speeds and unlimited internet usage that's never capped. all for just $99.99 a month with a two year price guarantee. plus get an additional line included. call 1.888.410.4404 to sign up today. it's all backed by our worry free guarantee, with no activation fees, and more. or supercharge your internet with fios quantum for business. triple your speed for just a few
. the fda said 15-year-olds can by plan b without a precipitation or their parent's approval. >> and a motorcycle crashes into two bicyclists who never saw it coming. the dangerous stretch of road. >> and superstorm sandy and this year hurricane season could be very active. meteorologist mike masco tells us what we can expect in 2013. Ñ >>> in tonight's health alert we know most doctors recommend that new moms breast feed their babies, but a new study shows breast feeding is not enough when it comes to vitamin d. supplements may be needed. vitamin d helps babies absorb the calcium. >>> soda and juices are usually loaded with sugar but that's in the where most of us are getting the excess sugar. researchers from the centers for disease control said added sugars in processed and prepared foods like breads and cakes are responsible for two thirds of the sugar we take in. >> it's coming from food instead of beverages, which has been a shift, especially from the dietitian's standpoint. we focus on how to decrease added sugars from beverages. >> the scientists said most of us are
just days before a court-imposed deadline. the f-d-a says the pill needs to be available to girls and women 15 and older. it says girls and women can buy the emergency contraceptive without a prescription and that it no longer has to be kept behind instead, the pill can sit on drugstore shelves just like condoms, but that buyers would have to prove their age at the cash register. earlier this month, a federal judge had ruled there should be no age restrictions and gave the fda 30 days to act. the fda said its latest decision was independent of the court case. news. >> reporter: a car-jacking suspect is arrested in marin.and police say he had hundreds of bullets.and a loaded rifle on him. 30-year old jeffrey his mom says boyce is mentally ill, and was headed to san francisco.maybe to seek asylum at the russian colsulate in san francisco. he never made it that far south. police say he car jacked a driver in rhonert park late yesterday afternoon. the victim was eventually able to escape after being driven around. couple hours greenbrae.police say boyce tried to car-jack anot
challenge will not stop the fda decision from taking effect. but it reignites the debate about young women obtaining plan b without the consent of a doctor or parent. reproductive rights groups, normally supportive of the president, criticize the move as politically motivated. so, patricia sosa was this a decision based more on politics or health care? >> it is a compromise. it's clearly a compromise based on the politics and health data and personal concern that he doesn't want girls under 15 to have access, it's both. >> the judge found that health concerns were unfounded this is a purely politically motivated deglikes i think it speaks to a larger conversation needs to happen around the mental health that it goes in hand with the f.d.a. type decisions about physical health. absolutely poll sticks involved which is a greater conversation about what we need to be doing in these areas. >> i think that president obama has two young daughters around the same age, that probably had a lot to do with it. would he want his daughters to be able to have access to plan b without parental consent. i
. president, i want to ask about a domestic issue. the fda rule on the morning after pill came out this week. it prohibits girls under 15 from under -- from buying the morning-after pill. i wonder if it resolves some of the concerns you expressed last year about your role as a father and if you believe there is scientific evidence to justify the 15-year-old cut off. and for president pena nieto, i want to ask you about the president's most recent attempt to pass new legislation on gun control that did not pass in the senate. i'm wondering if you talked about this in your meeting and if you have urged him to try again. do you think there is more you could do without approval form congress? thank you. >> this is a decision that was made by the fda. it is not my decision to make. the first time around where there were no age restrictions, secretary sibelius expressed concerns and i supported those concerns. i -- the role that has been put forward by the fda secretary sibelius has shown choose comfortable with it. i'm very comfortable with it and supportive of contraception. it is important that
. the morning after pill is moving over-the-counter. the fda announcing plan b will be available to children as young as 15 years old and no prescription needed. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: i'm martha mccallum. this comes days before a court-ordered deadline would have lifted all the restrictions on plan b. some women's health advocates have pushed for no age limits so kids 10-11 years old would be able to get it as well. bill: what did the fda decide. >> reporter: you can be as young as 15 years old and get an emergency contraceptive. the decision lowers the age for the pills by two years and enables 15-year-olds to obtain the emergency one step without a prescription and they will put it on pharmacy shelves. advocates sued the government tone able them to get the pills. the department of justice is considering the next steps in the litigation. the fda took independent action, the use without a prescription for use for women 15 years or older. the fda said they studied the pill and say women as young as 15 understand how to use the emergency pill and are familiar with exactly wha
alert energy gum and the f.d.a. says the proliferation of caffeine added to foods is beyond anything the f.d.a. envisioned and looking now into the safety of energy drinks. >> m.r.i. scans can predict how well children respond to math tutoring after third graders underwent the tutoring, those with the best response had a larger part of the brain associated with learning and memory. the study can be found online in the journal of national academy of sciences. >> before you invest in expensive tutoring have your kid have a brain scan first? >> a kidnapping, carjacking and two terrorized drivers in a bizarre crime spree with new details we just learned from investigators. >> more officers means more money, and oakland city leaders will be asked today to help fight crime. >> health scare forcing thousands of inmates to be >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is action on tuesday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. >> we will start with the weather forecast because it is hot and dry and we have winds. >> it brings with it a fire advisory. >> cold front
active pro athlete in a major sport to come out as gay. >> the f.d.a. is giving foods with caffeine and >> president obama marks the 1th hyundais -- first, 100 days of his term, and he says his administration is trying to verify the source of sarin gas in syria. >> we do not know how therapy used, when they were used, who used them, we do a chain of c that establishes what exactly happened. >> the president also pledged a new push to close the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, after a growing prisoner hunger strike. president obama took questions for the first time since the boston marathon bombings rejecting that his administration missed warning signs about the older bombing suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev. >> this is new video of the older brother trying to make the olympic team as a boxer. authorities are investigating whether tamerlanaev has contact with fellow boxer suspected militant dug his visit to russia last year. f.b.i. agents want to obtain d.n.a. samples from the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. they are investigating female d.n.a. on one of the bombs. the widow denied any involve
infused with caffeine are fda. caffeine canÑ[kÑilp be foundÑi emergency drinks and jelly beans and now chewing gums. extra boost of caffeine from the wrigley's gum.çó the alatter energy gum contains 40 milligrams ofçó caffeine,e1 equivalent to a half a cup of coffee. the okwrigley's spokesperson sa the gum is intended for adults and will be labeled as such. >>> we're going tot( back tkk t about ak plan toe1 takeçó valu parking away. >>> taking away valuable parkind spaces, a controversial plan to bring a new bus route toçó t( downdown san jose has business people weighing their options. what's the controversy Ñihere? >> reporter: well, raj, it's about a new planned bus route. the route is supposedly to star jose. now it won't look all that much like the kurcht bus service.çó this will be aw3çó moreq comfor double size bus to take you faster through the downtown with a stop along the way between 1st and 2nd streets tucked among several local businesses and restaurants. i?ñ a higher i menty bus, faster we are going to be enhanced stations. some will be in the middle of the
gum with added caffeine is spurring an fda investigation. the food and drug administration is testing the effects of caffeine on children. it follows the release of a new caffeinated gum by wrigley. the fda says children are exposed to more caffeine than ever before. wrigley's new gum is meant for adults 25 and older, and one piece of gum contains about as much caffeine as a half-cup of coffee. there's fracking friction in california. according to the la times, lawmakers advanced a measure this week that would stop fracking until there's more research. critics claim there are too many lingering questions about environmental and health issues. representives from the oil industry say there's no negative effect. fracking involves drilling and breaking up deep rocks with water and chemicals to release oil and natural gas. we probably don't have to tell you, but americans are under a growing amount of stress! a professional health group estimates 70-90% of doctors visits are stress-related. "it's really difficult to say how much stress really costs us in the healthcare world, but it's hug
and a confrontation that brought a march to a halt. >> the f.d.a. issues new guidelines on the morning after pill and how >> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is use. >> good morning, at 4:41, san francisco, ferry building area and you can see the flags we do have high winds out there. that is pushing the smoke from the napa county fires down into the san francisco area with wreck flood warning until 6:00 p.m. and mike nicco will have more details coming up. >> this is the day fresh salmon lovers have been waiting for, the commercial fishing season opens today in the coastal waters south of mendocino. the boats will go out and fresh salmon should be in local markets shortly after. the best fishing will be south of point reyes according to reports from sports fisherman. >> woman could be stealing package delivers from homes. this is surveillance video of the woman during the most recent theft april 19. police have been investigating the theft of packages from front porches for several months. the woman appears to drive a newer model range recovery. if you can identify
an book act her struggles. >> the department of justice is backing the fda's decision to have a age limit of 15 to buy the morning after pill. the ruling would have meant anybody regardless of age could buy plan b over the counter. but yesterday the fda decided that plan b should have an age limit of 15. the ruling is set to go into effect on monday. >>> we want to know you thouths on this story. do you think plan b should be available to 15-year-old girls over the counter? vote by tektsing or calling 408-300-9222, text is for yes, or 2 for no. we're going to have the results in our 6:00 newscast. >> let's bring back in jeff ranieri. we're talking about the fire danger and the ongoing fires especially in wine country. >> we're monitoring two of them. the winds have gusted above 70 mile-per-hour in parts of the bay area. top wind gusts of 44 santa cruz, 40, napa 32 and. although the winds hasn't topped out, all you need is 30 mile an hour wind gusts to fuel the fires. we're going to be in the fire threat two to three hours pop the dry winds are coming out of the north. but directly out of
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